Lodging / Shooting

lodging  and shooting duck huntsLODGING
We are very excited about our phase one of two phases in regard to our new lodge (different from the pictures in the video.) We believe everyone will enjoy the changes. We have two wings of bedrooms that can be rented for $75.00 a night. They are each furnished with 6 beds. We will add additional bedrooms next season. Each wing has a full size bathroom. The center of the lodge is our meeting area on Sat. mornings. We have added a kitchen to serve hot breakfast after the duck hunts. There is plenty of room for everyone to stay warm and fellowship. This is our favorite part! We will expand this area next season.
Open by appointment only. Call 334-366-2589

Members Non Members
25 targets $12.00 25 targets $15.00
50 targets $20.00 50targets $25.00
100 targets $30.00 100 targets $40.00

Annual single membership dues is $50.00